July 13, 2024

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3 Essential Tools For Aliging Flanges In Industrial Companies

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3 Essential Tools For Aliging Flanges In Industrial Companies

If you are in an industrial industry and must tighten or align Flanges, then you are aware of the issues this type of job can bring. Flange alignment in the pipeline, petrochemical, wastewater, and other industries ensures that pipelines and fittings are correctly installed, aligned, and functional throughout the day. 

There are a variety of tools to align flanges to work with Flanges. Not only do they simplify your work however, they’re also affordable and secure, allowing you to relax while working.

What is a flange alignment tool?

The tools for the alignment of flanges are specially-designed equipment or devices designed to ensure the precise alignment and sizing of flange connections in installation or maintenance processes. Flanges are commonly connected to valves, pipes, and other devices in various sectors, including oil and gas processing, chemical processing, and power generation.

Flange alignment tools are developed to tackle the issues of aligning flanges. Flanges require proper alignment to prevent leaks, ensure the flow of fluids is efficient, and ensure the structure of the components. 

These tools aid in getting accurate alignment by using visually-based indicators, measuring capabilities, and adjustment options. Riverlake flange alignment tools are designed to achieve precise alignment and positioning of flange connections during assembly or maintenance procedures, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in industrial applications.

1. Flange Alignment Pins

Pins for flange alignment are an essential tool for the alignment of flanges. Choosing the appropriate pin for flange alignment can significantly affect how you do your job. Pins with angled shafts make it easy to fittings into the holes for bolts in flanges. 

This design is crucial since you don’t need to struggle with other hand tools, such as a hammer or a Spud wrench, to ensure the pins are correctly fitted. Additionally, pins for flange alignment are available in various sizes to ensure you are getting the correct size each time.

2. Equalizer Alignment Tools

The handheld device is offered in three different models to meet your requirements. Two models of the equalizer flange alignment tools are driven by mechanical means (small and large sizes), while the third is operated hydraulically. Small mechanically driven model Simple to work with, allowing smaller diameter flanges and pressure to align.

The larger model is mechanically driven. It can handle 4 to 5 tons of power. A large model that is hydraulically driven. Ten tonnes of force. Each model is secure and efficient. They eliminate any slippage when you align. They lift at the place of the most misaligned and allow you to move the device to achieve alignment. This is a must-have device because it is safe and allows for precise, and is a lot less labour-intensive for workers.

3. Pipe Flange Alignment Tools

It is specifically designed for pipes. An aligner for lines is a device made of metal that helps to stabilize pipe flanges so that you can join them. With this device, you will never have to worry about precision again. It zeroes on ensuring that the alignment is always perfect—two sizes of pipe flange aligners for both larger and smaller tasks. 

The smaller model produces 8000 pounds of force. The larger one has 10,000 pounds. Of significance, while the larger model can generate 10,000 lbs. of fully adjustable, both models are straightforward to use. They should be your primary device for those who work with pipe flanges every day on a basis.

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